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The National General Practice Supervisors’ Association is an autonomous body representing General Practice Supervisors within the Australian General Practice Training Program.

GPTA Ltd is the corporate identity of the National GP Supervisors’ Association.

The principal objectives of NGPSA are to promote quality vocational training for General Practice in Australia by:

  • promoting recognition of the pivotal role GP Supervisors play in the Australian GP Training Program.
  • supporting general practitioners involved in the teaching of general practice to prevocational doctors and medical students.
  • providing representation of the members interests by consultation and communication, within the membership of the Association.
  • providing representation of the members interests to relevant bodies involved in General Practice Training.
  • supporting and enabling GP Supervisor Professional Development and enhancing quality training for general practice via the Australian GP Training Program.
  • participating in working parties both within the Association and as members of other Training Programs and College committees
  • ensuring effective and efficient workings of the Board to meet its objectives.